Change of plans.

Before we talk about something else today, we need to talk about the weather. Perhaps it is a bit Swedish to do so, but you can not, not comment this weather. Classic kick-ass-weather. So good weather that my legs that have effectively been encapsulated in tights and long johns finally got to see the sun. They are indeed still very very very pale but hey, let’s work on that from now. Deal weather?

On the schedule today, as always on Tuesday, 4x8min intervals. And for a long time, it looked like it would be 4x8min intervals too. The baby fell asleep when we rolled out of the pram garage and father cheered a silent hallelujah. Unfortunately, the weather, also, besides allowing the sun to shine on my legs, meant that virtually every child with the radius of 15 miles had gathered my usual jog. And children DO make a lot of noise. And the noise made my baby wake up. The plan of doing 4x8min intervals changed to just running for some distance and of course with stops for watching birds, playing peekaboo and time at the playground.

In my mind, I think this is the best there is. Bring kiddo out and run. Asleep or awake, does not matter. She is happy. I am happy. She screams as soon as we see a dog. I sound like a dog when running uphill. She points to _all_ birds we encounter. I try to avoid driving over the birds we encounter. We work pretty well together in that sense.

Lactate Thresholds Intervals

Before we start, I don’t even know if this is called lactate thresholds intervals in English. But apparently there’s a lot of Google articles on the subject, so I guess so…
Secondly, let us establish that lactate threshold intervals do not mean that you should run back and forth across a doorstep/threshold. Although that’s easy to believe. Some people think that it is so. I wish not to mentions any names, but he has a training blog.

No lactate threshold intervals are intervals that will be within your lactate threshold zone. And again. It’s not an area which is constructed with doorsteps from a lot of used doorsteps/thresholds from a big demolition site somewhere in Wisconsin.

Thirdly, I’m no expert on pulse training, apart from that I have puls myself, and to be honest, I hardly know anything at all besides that. But fortunately, there is all-mighty Internet and my coach.

Then finally, to put it simply, lactate threshold heart rate is simply the pulse you have when you run as fast as you can for 60 minutes without dying at the end. It is the speed in which the body can handle and carry away the lactic acid in your body at the same rate as your body produces it. This threshold is different for everyone, although a few says that it is approximately 90% of your maximum heart rate.

Figure out your lactate threshold heart rate

The best way to figure out where your threshold is precisely is to measure it in a lab, but there are a couple of tests you can do to find out what your lactate threshold pulse is. The easiest one is the 30 minutes test.

Do like this: Warm up properly. Run/bike 30 minutes on a flat course in a hard and steady pace you can maintain for 30 minutes. It should be hard, but once again, you should not feel like you are dying at the end. Your average heart rate the last 10 minutes is a good estimator of your threshold heart rate.

Lactate Thresholds Intervals

Once you established where your lactate threshold heart rate is it’s time to do some intervals! My favourite is 4x8min. Do like this:

Start with 15 minutes of warm-up. Nice and easy. Watch nature. Watch all the interesting people out there.
After 15 minutes, step it up! Run fast and hard for 8 minutes. But remember to check your heart rate. Don’t go too fast! Remember that eight minutes is a pretty long time.
After eight minutes – rest for 3 minutes. Stand completely still. The first rest might feel too long, but it’s good! Train hard – rest hard. Repeat this three more times – and boom! You’re done. Cool down for 15 minutes.

Check out my last session of lactate thresholds intervals.

This weeks swimming session.

Just like every Monday I and my friends met by the pool. Training is so much more fun when you do it together with others, especially swimming.

And what makes Mondays, even more, fun is that we have our very own coach Hasse to support us. He literally makes us cry and regret that we ever started swimming but hey, that’s his job.
200m – warm up
100m – swim coordination

Main Series:
8x25m – start 0:35
50m – random swimming (just to get fresh)
6x50m – start 1:20
50m – 50m – random swimming (just to get fresh)
8x25m – start 0:35
50m – 50m – random swimming (just to get fresh)
1x25m – 2 breaths
1x25m – 1 respiratory
1x25m – 0 breaths
1x25m – 0 breaths
100m – cool down

After the last 25 meter in the main series, it was not far off that dinner was presented in an unpleasant way so to speak. Managed to keep it down and also managed to keep the series fairly regularly.

Also. This week I’ll try to swim more then once. Promise.